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A large number of workers' compensation claims involve feet

By the time they are 80, workers in Florida will have walked about 73,000 miles each -- based on the approximately 5,000 steps that the average worker walks every day. In certain occupations, like construction in which employees spend most of the day on their feet, it could even be more. Workers' compensation claims data shows that about four in 10 claims for illnesses and injuries involve fractures to feet and hands.

These numbers were provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who report that a significant number of strains, sprains and tears that injure ankles and other joints are also among the most prevalent claims. Safety authorities say foot protection does not receive the consideration and attention it deserves. Construction workers, for example, spend most of their days on their feet, and they must cope with various elevations, walking through debris, electrical hazards and water.

Was your accident serious enough for a personal injury lawsuit?

Under Florida’s personal injury statutes pertaining to automobile accidents, every driver is required to carry a personal injury protection policy. These policies must cover up to $10,000 in damages resulting from a car accident, no matter who is at fault.

One of the benefits of this law is that you know your healthcare is covered, even if you were completely at fault. The no-fault law also helps keep courts clear of all but serious cases. However, required PIP has a lot of controversy surrounding it.

What creates Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility?

Employees in Florida are entitled to benefit from the federal government's program that is designed as a protection for workers against the loss of their abilities to earn gainful incomes as the result of complete disability. However, there may be questions about eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. When are people considered as disabled?

As soon as a claim for Social Security disability benefits is filed, the Social Security Administration will determine the eligibility of the applicant. Information that will be used for this purpose includes age, marital status, employment and information of existing Social Security coverage. This will be followed by an evaluation to determine the level of disability.

Workers' compensation benefits for dead, injured at TECO plant

A recent tragedy at a Florida company claimed the lives of two men. Five others were also injured in the incident at the Big Bend Power Station. Officials state that the investigation of the accident could take six months. However, those injured and the survivors of the deceased are likely eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner preliminary reports state that the men who were killed were operating pressure washers when molten slag burned them it gushed out of a clogged tank. Tampa Electric officials reported that efforts were underway to unclog the tank when the incident happened. A 60-year-old senior plant manager and a 40-year-old contractor died at the scene. Five other workers were sent to a nearby hospital with injuries.

Survivors may pursue wrongful death litigation after fatal crash

When someone dies in a car accident on one of Florida's many roads or highways, it is a tragic loss for the surviving family members. The loss, however, seems magnified when the accident could have been avoided. In some circumstances, the negligent action of one driver may have led to the death of another. When this type of loss occurs, families may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A recent accident involving potentially negligent behavior claimed the life of a driver and critically injured another.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a 49-year-old man was driving his sport utility vehicle northbound. His 43-year-old wife was a passenger in the SUV. The report states that a 23-year-old woman failed to stop her car at a stop sign and allegedly ran into the SUV at the intersection. Both vehicles began to spin and crashed into a truck traveling nearby. Evidently, the SUV became airborne before landing on top of the car.

Family of accident victim may choose to file wrongful death claim

A trial is underway for a Florida man accused of killing a man in a car accident in 2015. The man also faces charges of driving drunk at the time of the crash. While the criminal trial is still in progress, the family members of the victim may be pondering -- or have already filed -- a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver believed responsible for the accident.

Prosecutors in the criminal trial say that a 42-year-old man crashed his vehicle into the back of an SUV on Dec. 12, 2015. The impact caused the SUV to cross the median of the highway and hit a minivan.  Reports show that the man was driving drunk and speeding at the time of the accident.

Dangerous machinery puts workers at risk of severe injury

If you operate or maintain machinery, you should be aware of how critical it is to use caution when working with the machines. People who misuse machines or use them without proper training run the risk of being seriously injured on the job.

However, there is only so much a person can do to avoid an accident if the machinery is unsafe to begin with. In fact, according to this recent article, two factors outside of operator error can lead to severe accidents and injuries. These factors include failed safeguards and non-compliance with safety regulations.

What types of damages can I collect in a personal injury claim?

If you are hurt in a car accident, you could be in a position to collect damages. These damages are financial awards that attempt to compensate you for the harm done in the accident.

Readers should understand that there are different types of damages, and depending on the details of your specific accident, one or all of them could available to victims. Below, we examine the different types of damages, which might help you understand why it can be so important to discuss your options with an attorney if you have been in a car accident.

Do you know the consequences of a slip-and-fall?

If you took a fall on someone else’s property, you may have thought you only sustained a minor injury. You might not even have seen a doctor afterward. It was only when the pain persisted that you finally sought medical attention and learned, to your surprise, that the injury was worse than you thought.

Such an event is more common than you might think. Anyone, anywhere, may suffer the consequences of an unexpected slip-and-fall.

How to handle a road rage incident

AAA reports that almost 80 percent of drivers experience anger and aggression when on the road. Even more alarming, about 8 million drivers each year engage in extreme aggression or road rage, such as confronting another driver or ramming another vehicle. While you might assume such behavior is limited to big cities, even on highways and country roads it is highly possible you could experience road rage from another driver. 

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