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Workers' compensation: Crane operator thrown off overpass

Road construction projects on Florida highways will always endanger the lives of all those involved. Employees of construction companies may find some comfort in knowing that they are covered by the workers' compensation insurance program. This coverage will be particularly welcome for one worker who miraculously survived a recent fall off an overpass on State Road 836.

According to a spokesperson for Florida Highway Patrol, the incident happened on a recent Wednesday morning. Reportedly, a crane that was used in the construction toppled over for reasons yet to be determined. The operator of the machine was thrown over the edge of the overpass, and he landed on the road below.

Personal Injury: Proving negligence can be challenging

Thousands of people in Florida suffer slip-and-fall injuries every year, often caused by the negligence of property owners. However,  premises owners or their tenants are not always liable for a personal injury suffered in such circumstances. In fact, proving negligence in premises liability lawsuits can be tricky.

A victim of a slip-and-fall accident can check the viability of a claim by answering a few questions. Did the property owner or an employee cause the hazard, such as a spill, torn carpeting or damaged floor covering? Was the premises owner or an employee aware of the dangerous situation and then failed to remove, repair or rectify it? Would any reasonable person have noticed the danger and done something about it?

Workers' compensation claims may follow clean-up after Irma

Following disasters such as Hurricane Irma that devastated Florida last month, rebuilding homes and getting production going prolongs the exposure to danger. While it is only natural to retract when danger looms, cleaning up after a disaster requires workers to face the dangers head on. The only comfort for employees might be knowing that the workers' compensation insurance system will be there to cover medical expenses if they should suffer injuries.

Hazards that they will face include brittle and unstable buildings that may collapse at any time, slippery surfaces, mold and contaminated air along with unknown toxic hazards in flood waters and sewage. Working without the appropriate personal protective gear can cause long-term, acute illnesses and injuries. PPE must at least include protective gloves, boots and masks.

Proper steps to take after a dog bite incident

Though dogs may be man's best friend, they can also be man's worst nightmare. If you suffer injuries from a dog bite, you may be able to seek damages from the owner.

As with any case, there is a proper protocol for arguing such a case. To aid the process, there are a few steps you should take after the incident.

Wrongful death claims may follow Irma's impact on nursing home

Hurricane Irma caused devastation across Florida earlier this month. One hard-hit area which is now in cleanup mode is Broward County. Devastation was reported from a rehabilitation center where the death toll rose to 10 on Sept. 21. Although a criminal investigation is underway, it was reported that the previous nine deaths resulted from overheating due to the lack of air conditioning after power failures. Wrongful death lawsuit may follow.

The family of one of one 94-year-old patient who survived the heat exposure has now filed a lawsuit claiming the facility was reckless and exercised negligent indifference toward the double-amputee who is also a diabetic. Comprehensive emergency medical plans should be in place in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, and if all personnel then follow those plans, such tragedies could be avoided. Reportedly, 911 was only called three days after the impact of Hurricane Irma.

Wrongful death claim may follow 26-car pileup in Florida

Southbound motorists on Interstate 95 in Florida experienced delays and were rerouted after a multi-vehicle crash on a recent Sunday night. According to the Highway Patrol, the accident involved 26 vehicles and occurred shortly before 10:45 p.m. The pileup claimed the life of one and injured 13 other people. This tragedy may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit as well as a number of personal injury claims.

A preliminary accident report indicates that an earlier crash on southbound I-95 caused traffic to back up. Allegedly, a big rig driver paid no attention to the traffic that had piled up ahead and failed to stop. The tractor-trailer smashed into the stationary vehicles, causing a chain of crashes in front and behind it. In the end, there were three commercial vehicles involved and 23 passenger vehicles.

Spinal trauma can bring additional workers' compensation benefits

A recent construction accident in Florida underscores the need for construction company owners in Florida to ensure that work environments are free of threats to the health and safety of employees. Although this is an industry known for multiple hazards, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides guidelines which can prevent accidents if all parties comply. However, workers' compensation claims for injuries suffered on construction sites remain prevalent.

On a recent Saturday morning, shortly after 5 a.m., three construction workers fell approximately 25 feet. They were working on an expansion project of Navy Federal Credit Union when the floor on which they were standing collapsed. There were also 10 other construction workers in the same area, but none of them believed they needed medical attention after the accident. The reason for the collapse is yet to be determined.

Social Security Disability -- Who is eligible for benefits?

Becoming disabled and losing the ability to provide for a family must be one of the worst situations in which a Florida person can find him or herself. While most people are aware of the availability of Social Security Disability benefits, many are unfamiliar with the requirements to be eligible for this assistance. Different criteria must be met in order to qualify.

The first aspect to consider is the level of disability. Benefits are only paid to those who are entirely disabled. The disability cannot be partial, nor can it be temporary. With that in mind, the level of disability will be measured based on the individual's ability -- or inability -- to work and earn an income. Even if the person cannot do the job he or she did before, but can adjust to another type of employment, the applicant will not be regarded as totally disabled.

Life-altering injuries are possible in low-speed collisions

If you are the victim of a rear-end collision, you may feel perfectly fine afterward, except perhaps for a stiff neck and jangled nerves. After exchanging insurance information with the driver who hit you, you might just go on home.

However, it is not unusual for victims of low-speed crashes to experience injuries that require immediate medical attention. Among these are back, lower limb and facial injuries.

Tennis star's phone records sought in wrongful death lawsuit

Tennis star Venus Williams may have to address allegations that she was distracted by her mobile phone when she was involved in a Florida car accident. The family of the man who died after the collision has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. An out of court agreement was reached for the mobile phone records to be handed over to the legal counsel for the plaintiff.

Surveillance footage that showed the incident was released in March. It shows Williams and another car in front of her enter an intersection on a green light. The other car stopped in the intersection to make a left turn. Williams claimed to have briefly paused to avoid rear ending that car, and then proceeded through the intersection.

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