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Fighting For Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians

With ample trails and amazing weather, the Emerald Coast of Florida is like a dream for many cyclists and pedestrians. The conditions that make the area so walkable and ride-worthy are equally attractive to countless motorists. Between a growing population and massive seasonal influxes of tourists, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas are hard-pressed to keep up, and bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents are constant problems.

I am attorney Cameron D. Simpson, and my law firm is dedicated to upholding the rights of those who have to share these hazardous roads with drivers. I understand the stereotypical thinking regarding cyclists, and I have personally seen situations where accident reports have been skewed to favor the car driver. However, I will fight for what is right. You deserve the same financial benefits as if you were in a vehicle, and I will help you pursue that compensation.

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Why Are Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents Such An Issue Near Fort Walton Beach?

Traffic accidents are a well-known problem in this part of the Panhandle. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, complaints about traffic are the most frequent kinds of grievances fielded by local authorities.

This area is home to 200,000 permanent residents, and some 2.3 million tourists use the roads annually. The continued expansion of road construction projects adds additional sources of danger for cyclists and those on foot.

The CDC reported that almost 50 percent of pedestrian fatality crashes in 2013 involved alcohol-impaired drivers. This makes Fort Walton Beach's tourist-friendly culture and massive Spring Break events particularly concerning.

Helping Victims Recover Full Compensation

The size differences between a person or a bicycle and a vehicle are impossible to ignore. Serious injuries lurk within seemingly minor collisions, and the ramifications of an accident may last a lifetime. In addition to incurring medical bills, many victims find themselves in dire straits when their injuries prevent them from working or necessitate costly ongoing physical therapy.

Sadly, even when drivers receive criminal sentences, their punishments may not provide for those whose lives they've irrevocably altered. For many of these individuals and their families, filing lawsuits and insurance claims are absolute necessities.

Unlike lawyers who pass off critical casework to their subordinates, I take the time to handle vital details personally. By poring over every medical record, police report and traffic camera recording, I am able to provide strong representation aimed at maximum compensation for you.

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