Every driver should know and take seriously the obligations they have to operate a vehicle safely. However, too many people think that these obligations are confined to the roads and highways; in reality, the duty to operate a vehicle safely extends to the water in and around Florida as well.

Unfortunately, there are people who think that because there aren’t as many law enforcement agents on the water or because some laws are more relaxed when it comes to watercraft that they can take unnecessary risks and be irresponsible. When these boaters are on the water, everyone is at risk.

Below are some of the most dangerous types of boaters to watch out for this spring and summer.

  1. Distracted boaters: Operators who are paying more attention to their phones, the skiers they are pulling or the partiers on the beach may not see other boats, buoys, swimmers and other obstacles.
  2. Inexperienced boaters: Without proper training and education, novice boaters can make serious mistakes that jeopardize their own safety and the safety of everyone around them.
  3. Impaired boaters: Drunk boating, like drunk driving, is incredibly dangerous. It slows reaction time, affects judgment and makes it easier for a person to lose control of a car or boat.
  4. Reckless boaters: Speeding, driving too closely to others, violating posted restrictions and otherwise operating a boat with willful disregard for safety are all considered types of careless or reckless operation, which is a violation of state boating laws.

Engaging in any of these behaviors on the water can lead to catastrophic collisions and life-threatening injuries.

If you have lost someone or been injured in an accident with one of the above-mentioned parties, understand that you do not have to pay the price for their actions. You can take legal action to hold the appropriate party legally and financially accountable for the damage suffered.

For guidance on the legal process and your rights in the wake of a boating accident in Florida, you can consult an experienced personal injury attorney.