Florida has long been considered a desirable destination for people in their golden years looking to relax and stay warm year-round. Whether people move here after retiring or they have always lived here, they should be able to enjoy life and make the most out of this stage of life.

Sadly, this seemingly idyllic environment can prove to be devastating if an elderly loved one is the victim of mistreatment in a Florida nursing home facility. In the worst cases, someone’s life is cut short because of neglect or abuse at the hands of people who were tasked with providing care.

A recent case in Pensacola is a grim reminder of just how damaging it can be when our most vulnerable loved ones do not receive the care and support they need. According to reports, a facility has been accused of neglecting patients’ medication needs, being untrained in life-saving methods and being lax in care practices and record-keeping.

The facility is currently under investigation and prohibited from accepting new patients, but these measures were taken only after a patient died as a result of negligence.

Too many families are torn apart as a result of an unexpected death due to abuse or neglect in nursing homes. Family members and loved ones can be left feeling guilty, helpless and angry in the wake of such tragedies. However, while there is no way to undo this damage or replace a loved one, there are steps you can take to protect others and hold negligent parties accountable.

Filing a wrongful death claim is about much more than seeking compensation for your loss, though it can certainly help you recover financial damages. It can also send a strong message that harmful, irresponsible actions will not go ignored. A successful legal claim can alert other families of potential victims to substandard care practices and hold the negligent parties responsible for the irreparable damage they have caused.