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May 2017 Archives

How to handle a road rage incident

AAA reports that almost 80 percent of drivers experience anger and aggression when on the road. Even more alarming, about 8 million drivers each year engage in extreme aggression or road rage, such as confronting another driver or ramming another vehicle. While you might assume such behavior is limited to big cities, even on highways and country roads it is highly possible you could experience road rage from another driver. 

How much can injured workers collect with workers' compensation?

If you are injured or get sick on the job, one of the first things you will want to consider is whether you can collect workers' compensation or not. These benefits are available to people who get into an accident through the course and scope of their employment.

Your status crucial in premises liability claims

Too many people make the mistake of oversimplifying legal claims. For instance, it is easy to assume that if you get hurt on someone’s property, you can file a lawsuit against the property owner. While this may certainly be possible, there are a number of legal nuances that you must consider before you can accurately understand your legal options.

What can I do if my SSDI application is denied?

The benefits available through Social Security disability are crucial to the recipients who are disabled and cannot support themselves with a regular income. Even though people are not going to get rich from these benefits, they do go a long way in helping people cover things from housing and groceries to healthcare and transportation.

4 common construction accidents that cause serious injury

Construction work is some of the most physical demanding work people can do. While there are a number of tools and regulations that can minimize the impact of and exposure to injury-causing accidents, there are still a disproportionate number of construction workers hurt or killed on the job.

Were you on a fun road trip when the car crash occurred?

From January to June 2015, nearly 19,000 people were killed across the country in motor vehicle accidents, and the number of injuries rose significantly. This represented an increase in deaths of 14 percent over the same period in 2014, and the statistics keep going up.

'Textalyzer' could change distracted driving behaviors

If you get into an accident caused by a driver who was texting behind the wheel, it could be weeks or months until you learn for sure that the other driver was texting because of the legal processes involved in getting phone records. In the future, however, this information could be available in a matter of seconds.

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