When you think of causes of trucking accidents on a Florida highway, you might immediately think of reckless, drowsy or distracted truckers who lose control of their rigs and crash. 

However, there are many parties and factors outside of a dangerous trucker that may also be to blame for accidents. This fact becomes clear when you read articles like this one from Overdrive.com which highlights various trucking violations and criminal offenses that have recently threatened the safety of motorists across the country. We examine a few of these factors below.

People who enable unlicensed, uncertified drivers to break the law

Commercial vehicle operators must have a commercial driver’s license and receive medical clearance to lawfully drive a commercial truck. Parties who falsify medical records, issue certificates without performing exams and hire drivers who do not have the appropriate training and certification all put others in danger by putting unqualified drivers on the road.

Negligent employers

Trucking company owners and employers are expected to be responsible and compliant with the law when hiring drivers. They are also expected to supervise their drivers to ensure they are following state and federal trucking rules. If a driver engages in bad, unsafe behavior, the employer should take action. Employers who fail to do this can be held responsible for damages caused by the trucker.

Parties involved in transportation of unlawful cargo

Cargo must be properly secured, loaded and transported, especially if it is hazardous material. Anyone who violates cargo regulations can and should be held accountable for damages suffered by others in the event of an accident.

Knowing who is to blame can affect legal and financial remedies

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a fatal trucking accident recently, then it can be vital to properly identify and hold accountable any party that contributed to the accident. Oftentimes, you will need to look at parties outside of the people involved in the crash, including those mentioned above.

Covering all the bases is crucial in these situations, as it can maximize your chances for full financial recovery. However, it can be very complicated to tie other parties to a crash, so working with an attorney to do this will be a good idea.