When someone dies in a car accident on one of Florida’s many roads or highways, it is a tragic loss for the surviving family members. The loss, however, seems magnified when the accident could have been avoided. In some circumstances, the negligent action of one driver may have led to the death of another. When this type of loss occurs, families may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A recent accident involving potentially negligent behavior claimed the life of a driver and critically injured another.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a 49-year-old man was driving his sport utility vehicle northbound. His 43-year-old wife was a passenger in the SUV. The report states that a 23-year-old woman failed to stop her car at a stop sign and allegedly ran into the SUV at the intersection. Both vehicles began to spin and crashed into a truck traveling nearby. Evidently, the SUV became airborne before landing on top of the car.

The occupants of the SUV were transported to a local hospital, where the driver later died. According to police, the passenger of the SUV is in critical condition from injuries suffered in the crash. The driver of the truck hit by the two vehicles suffered minor injuries. No injuries were reported for the driver who ran the stop sign. Highway patrol officers state that charges are pending in the incident.

Should it be determined that the driver of the car acted negligently in the crash, wrongful death litigation may be pursued by surviving family members. A favorable outcome in a case could provide families with an award to help offset unexpected expenses, such as funeral costs. A Florida personal injury attorney can assist families in this process. An experienced lawyer will work to achieve the best results possible for a client.

Source: actionnewsjax.com, “Jacksonville man killed, woman in critical condition after 3-car crash“, June 16, 2017