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August 2017 Archives

Tennis star's phone records sought in wrongful death lawsuit

Tennis star Venus Williams may have to address allegations that she was distracted by her mobile phone when she was involved in a Florida car accident. The family of the man who died after the collision has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. An out of court agreement was reached for the mobile phone records to be handed over to the legal counsel for the plaintiff.

Workers' compensation death benefits may be sought after fatality

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict regulations to prevent workplace accidents in confined spaces. Sadly, many of the workers' compensation death benefits claims that are filed in Florida and other states every year follow fatal on-the-job injuries suffered in confined areas. Otis Elevators was recently cited for serious safety violations that led to the death of a service mechanic on Feb. 17.

Wrongful death claim may follow death of 3 on Florida Expressway

Three people, one of which was a child, recently lost their lives in a devastating crash across both sides of the Selmon Expressway. The driver who is accused of causing the crash left the accident scene, and she is now facing DUI manslaughter charges, among others. Furthermore, the surviving loved ones of the deceased family may also file wrongful death claims against that driver in a Florida civil court.

Biker's death may spawn wrongful death claim against bus driver

Motorcyclists will always be at a higher risk of suffering catastrophic injuries when they are involved in crashes with motor vehicles. While drivers in enclosed vehicles have the structure of the bodies, safety belts and airbags to protect them, bikers have only helmets and some have protective clothing -- often not enough to save lives in a serious crash. A recent motorcycle vs. bus accident in Florida might lead to a wrongful death claim.

Older riders receive more severe injuries in motorcycle crashes

Florida is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts. The weather is wonderful all year round, and with the exception of occasional showers, it is conducive to enjoying the open road. Since Florida is also a popular retirement destination, you will see many older motorcyclists in the Sunshine State.

Personal injury lawsuit filed against American Airlines

Property owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent visitors from suffering injuries. Whenever a person in Florida or another state is hurt on the property of another party, he or she may be able to pursue recovery of damages if the appropriate evidence establishes negligence. Such personal injury claims can even arise from events in which harm was done to passengers of public transit systems and airlines.

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