Property owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent visitors from suffering injuries. Whenever a person in Florida or another state is hurt on the property of another party, he or she may be able to pursue recovery of damages if the appropriate evidence establishes negligence. Such personal injury claims can even arise from events in which harm was done to passengers of public transit systems and airlines.

One such a lawsuit was recently filed in a County District Court in another state. The claim was filed against American Airlines following an incident in which a passenger alleges she suffered injuries. According to the complaint, the plaintiff says she traveled on the airline during July 2015. She asserts to have encountered hazardous conditions as she disembarked at her destination.

Her allegations show she was not offered any assistance to navigate her way down what she claims were wet and slippery stairs. She also claims she was not warned of the potentially dangerous condition of the stairs. As she descended, she allegedly slipped and fell. She was transported to a hospital for treatment of back injuries. The plaintiff seeks recovery of past and future medical costs, pain and disfigurement, impairment and mental anguish.

Pursuing recovery of damages in a civil lawsuit can be a complicated process — especially when it comes to establishing negligence. However, an experienced Florida personal injury attorney can provide the support and guidance necessary for the navigation of such a claim. A lawyer can also assist with determining which damages can be included in the documented claim that will be presented to the court for adjudication.

Source:, “Woman sues American Airlines after slipping while disembarking, says airline should have assisted her“, David Yates, July 26, 2017