A recent construction accident in Florida underscores the need for construction company owners in Florida to ensure that work environments are free of threats to the health and safety of employees. Although this is an industry known for multiple hazards, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides guidelines which can prevent accidents if all parties comply. However, workers’ compensation claims for injuries suffered on construction sites remain prevalent.

On a recent Saturday morning, shortly after 5 a.m., three construction workers fell approximately 25 feet. They were working on an expansion project of Navy Federal Credit Union when the floor on which they were standing collapsed. There were also 10 other construction workers in the same area, but none of them believed they needed medical attention after the accident. The reason for the collapse is yet to be determined.

The three employees who fell were taken to the hospital, but the injuries of two of them were not serious. Reportedly, the third worker’s injuries were serious. Authorities say that person suffered spinal trauma. While the accident is being investigated, all activities at the construction site were suspended.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for any victims of workplace injuries. Basic benefits include medical expenses and wage replacement for those whose injuries prevented them from returning to work for some time. However, when traumatic injuries like spinal cord damage cause lengthy recoveries or permanent disabilities, additional benefits may be available. With the help of an experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney, the victim may be able to secure maximum benefits that could include vocational training to equip him or her with new skills if necessary.

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