Road construction projects on Florida highways will always endanger the lives of all those involved. Employees of construction companies may find some comfort in knowing that they are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance program. This coverage will be particularly welcome for one worker who miraculously survived a recent fall off an overpass on State Road 836.

According to a spokesperson for Florida Highway Patrol, the incident happened on a recent Wednesday morning. Reportedly, a crane that was used in the construction toppled over for reasons yet to be determined. The operator of the machine was thrown over the edge of the overpass, and he landed on the road below.

Rescue workers say the injured construction worker remained conscious when they transported him to a trauma center. No details about the type and severity of his injuries were made available. The boom of the crane extended precariously over the expressway’s edge but caused no other damage or injuries.

The prospect of navigating a workers’ compensation claim while recovering from serious injuries might be overwhelming. Fortunately, the services of an experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney is available. A lawyer can ensure that the injured worker receives the medical care to which he or she is entitled. Furthermore, the attorney can handle the administrative and legal procedures of the claims process along with an appeal in the event of a rejection of the initial claim. Workers’ compensation benefits typically cover medical expenses and lost income for workers whose injuries caused temporary disabilities, with additional benefits for permanent disabilities.

Source: Miami Herald, “Construction truck topples on edge of Dolphin Expressway as worker falls to street“, Douglas Hanks, Elizabeth Koh, Oct. 11, 2017