For individuals who hurt themselves on the job, workers’ compensation may be critical to maintaining their current lifestyle. The employee’s physicians play a strong role in determining the benefits they receive.

For you or your loved one to have the best chance at a proper recovery with necessary medical treatment, it is important you stay abreast of medical offerings and properly evaluate the provider. There are a few key facts to know about workers’ compensation physicians.


According to Florida’s workers’ compensation law, employers have the right to select their employee’s treating physician after an accident. However, employees have the right to request a one-time switch in physician care. The employee must make the request in writing, and upon receipt, the insurer must respond within five days. If the insurer does not respond, the employee may select the new physician.

Medical examinations

Another instance where the physician may change is when the employee disagrees with the treatment the physician provides. To resolve the issue, the judge may order an independent medical examination, and upon receiving the results, may determine another course of treatment may be more beneficial.

Quality Physicians

Considering an employee may only switch physicians one time during the course of a case, it is important the employee make this decision carefully. If the physician the employer provides initially shows quality characteristics, it may be beneficial to stick with her or him. Even if the employee does not agree with the treatment initially, it may still be a good plan to wait until later in the case to request a new physician. Once the physician changes, the employee may not make another switch request and must stick with the new physician for the duration of the case. 

As you can see, the treating physician in a workers’ compensation case is vital. Take time to review your rights and speak with a professional to determine the best course of action for you.