All kinds of injuries and accidents lead to the staggering number of claims in civil lawsuits that are filed in Florida and other states annually. Anybody who is suffering the consequences of injuries caused by another person’s negligence might have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Of all the different types of personal injury claims, product liability is one of the most common.

These typically follow cases in which defective products injure consumers who then seek recovery of damages from manufacturers, retailers and others in the supply chain. Next on the list is medical malpractice in which health care professionals are held liable for surgical and other medical negligence. Hospitals and other facilities are often named as defendants.

Work-related injuries are the subjects of many lawsuits and typically follow injuries caused by third-parties such as drivers of other companies or defective equipment. Premises liability lawsuits are filed by those who suffer injuries from slip-and-fall accidents in stores or public areas such as parking lots and sidewalks. Then there are the millions of vehicle accidents that cause injuries to many thousands of people every year, leading to claims from minor injuries to those worth millions of dollars for catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Any person in Florida whose injuries can be blamed on the negligence of another party may have grounds for seeking financial relief. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, negligence can be established, and documented claims for damages can be presented to the court for monetary judgment. Plaintiffs may claim financial losses such as medical expenses and lost income along with emotional damages like pain and suffering and loss of life enjoyment.

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