When a Florida resident learns that his or her claim for disability benefits was rejected, there may be several questions about the reason for the denial. Many people rely on Social Security Disability Insurance after becoming disabled, and the rejection of an application for benefits may be devastating. While they may think they made errors in their applications, almost every rejection occurs because the information provided did not justify the applicant’s claim of disability.

For successful claims, the Social Security Administration looks for a mental or physical impairment, or a combination of the two, which must be severe enough to prevent an applicant from obtaining gainful employment. Also, the disability must be of a nature that will prevent such employment for longer than one year. When the administration looks at the ability to work, it will consider any jobs done over the past 15 years, and any job for which the person might have the necessary skills.

Therefore, when an application is denied, it will be for one or both of two reasons. The first might involve the disability examiner and the medical consultant determining that the applicant’s disability is not severe enough to prevent him or her from returning to former employment or do another type of job. Another reason may be the fact that the applicant found gainful employment to earn an income while the disability application is pending.

When a person in Florida has questions about the denial of a Social Security Disability Insurance application, an attorney who is experienced in this field of the law is a valuable resource. The lawyer can assess the application, medical reports and other documentation that was submitted, and determine the reason for the rejection. In many instances an appeal of the denial is appropriate, and the lawyer can navigate the ensuing proceedings on behalf of the applicant.

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