Florida business owners must protect their employees from harm on duty. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations with which employers must comply. Many workers’ compensation benefits claims are filed every year after injuries are caused by the failure of employers to provide safe work environments.

According to the conclusion of an investigation into a workplace accident at Tampa Electric last June, OSHA determined that willful and deliberate safety violations caused the deaths of five workers and serious injuries to a sixth employee. Reportedly, the workers were in a space underneath a unit, clearing a blockage of a furnace. As the obstruction was removed, an explosion occurred, and molten slag was spewed across the area and the workers.

OSHA inspectors reported that TECO and a contracting company failed to put proper procedures in place for the safe removal of the blockage. Furthermore, neither entity’s employees were equipped with the necessary protective equipment to protect them from burns. Citations were issued, and penalties were proposed for willful and serious safety violations. Reportedly, TECO disagrees with OSHA’s findings and might contest the enforcement action.

Florida families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents can seek financial assistance with the unanticipated expenses brought about by fatal workplace accidents. The workers’ compensation insurance system offers survivors’ benefits to cover the costs of end-of-life arrangements along with financial packages to cover lost income and day-to-day living expenses. Furthermore, navigating the complicated legal and administrative procedures can be simplified with the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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