Being bitten by a dog will naturally be a traumatizing experience for anyone in Florida, and knowing what to do under such circumstances is essential. A victim might not readily realize the severity of the bite, and the subsequent medical expenses and other losses could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. The success of such a claim may depend mainly on the information and evidence gathered immediately after the incident.

Getting the name and contact details of any witnesses and the dog owner is essential, along with information about rabies vaccinations. Dog bites can quickly become infected, and prompt preventative medical treatment is vital. Reporting dog bites with animal control can prevent similar incidents. Recording as many details as possible about the circumstances surrounding the attack may be helpful in a lawsuit, considering that it may only get to court after the passing of many months.

In many cases, dog attack victims are unfamiliar with the applicable state laws and their legal rights. Victims may be pushed into quick settlements by insurance companies. Those who allow themselves to be bullied might agree to settle for amounts that do not cover all their losses. Detailed calculations are required to determine the monetary values of damages such as lost income, diminished earning potential, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Putting an accurate monetary value on each of the losses can be a challenging task. However, an experienced Florida personal injury attorney who deals with similar cases on a daily basis can be of significant help. In addition to helping with documentation of damages to claim, a lawyer can assess the circumstances to ensure the viability of a lawsuit. Furthermore, the attorney can handle the navigation of the legal proceedings or negotiations with insurance companies to ensure fair settlements.

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