Construction sites are one of the most dangerous work environments in Florida and across the country. Each day, construction workers risk their lives while performing their jobs. Though accidents happen everywhere all the time, those that occur in most workplaces, especially construction sites, are often the result of negligence, unsafe working conditions, defective work equipment, abuse of work tools and machinery or safety regulation violations. 

Construction sites accidents often have catastrophic consequences for workers and their loved ones. Some types of mishaps in the construction industry happen a lot more than others, like the “Fatal Four.” More construction workers lose their lives to the Fatal Four than any other accident. 

1. Falls —Workers perform their jobs from different heights and work surfaces, using scaffolding and ladders. Construction professionals work in unfinished structures that have incomplete floors and missing stairs, safety bars and handrails. They must use safety equipment and apparatuses to perform their jobs. When inadequate fall prevention measures are not used, falls that occur from higher and multiple levels are often lethal for construction workers. 

2. Crush—Workers often become stuck in-between immovable objects and work machinery. If proper machinery, safety practices, and worker attention are lacking, permanent injuries and death can occur. 

3. Electrocution — Construction contractors work around electrical lines, circuitry, and other materials. Electrocution is likely when workers come into contact with exposed electrical structures and hazards. It can also occur when workers use defective work equipment. 

4. Falling Objects — Falling tools, work equipment and workers can fall onto contractors on lower levels. Falling object injuries range from mild bruising and lacerations to fractures and traumatic brain injuries. 

There are many other kinds of accidents that happen on construction worksites, such as fires and overexertion. Construction workers are more likely to sustain serious injuries than minor trauma in work accidents. Injured workers and their families must deal with the consequences. Accident victims often end up with lost wages, earning capacity and medical bills. Fortunately, they are legal options to help them receive compensation for their trauma.