When parents in Florida send their children to summer camp, they expect excellent care that will protect their health and safety. The owners and staff of such a facility are responsible for the protection of every child from the moment he or she arrives. If any negligence by the staff seriously injures a child, the parents might choose to pursue a personal injury claim.

Seeking recovery of damages might be the route that will be taken by the parents of children who fell ill at a summer camp in Lake Placid. Reportedly, some of the children developed fever, nausea and vomiting on a recent Wednesday. When one child became unconscious the following day, emergency workers recognized the severity of the situation and rushed to the facility.

Of the approximately 120 children at the camp, all between 8 and 15 years old, 33 were admitted to a hospital. Three adults experienced the same symptoms, and they were also hospitalized. The county fire department and emergency medical services responded to the scene, and the health department was informed about it. The cause of the illness is still being investigated.

Florida parents who have to face the unanticipated medical expenses if their children suffered illness or injuries at a summer camp can seek recovery of damages. However, establishing negligence might be challenging, and the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney could be vital. A lawyer can assess the circumstances to determine the viability of a claim before suggesting the best way to proceed. The options may include taking the complaint to the civil court or negotiate a settlement with the parties deemed responsible.