Regardless of how careful workers are, accidents will happen. Unfortunately, lives are sometimes lost, as is evident in the number of workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits claims filed in Florida every year. One such tragic workplace accident occurred at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Lake Buena Vista on a recent Monday.

A spokesperson for the Orange County sheriff reported that deputies rushed to one of the Disney-owned accommodation facilities near the resort shortly after 9:15 a.m. in response to an emergency call. Upon arrival, an unresponsive man was found under a utility cart. Emergency workers declared him dead at the scene.

Reportedly, the 33-year-old Disney employee was working on a motorized utility cart when it ran away from him. It jumped the curb and traveled approximately six feet up a chainlink fence before falling back. The heavy machine fell on top of the worker. Two witnesses attempted but failed to lift the cart off the victim. An investigation into the incident — classified as an industrial accident — has been launched.

Regardless of the outcome of an accident investigation after a fatal workplace accident in Florida, the surviving family members of a deceased employee can pursue financial relief. The workers’ compensation insurance program offers death benefits after a life is lost in a work-related accident. The claims process could be quite challenging, but an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide support and guidance. A successful claim will provide compensation to cover the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements along with a wage-replacement package to ease the day-to-day financial burden.