Demolitions of multi-story buildings are dangerous procedures that often leave construction workers injured. Although their workers’ compensation insurance benefits typically cover medical expenses, these victims are sometimes left with long-term health problems or disabilities. An unplanned collapse of a building being demolished in Florida recently caused critical injuries to a construction worker.

According to Miami Beach Police, they were alerted, along with rescue crews of the fire department, to a construction accident at about 10:30 a.m. on a recent Monday. They rushed to the scene where a 12-story apartment building had collapsed. One critically injured worker was rushed to the hospital.

A witness said a massive bolder struck the worker in his chest as the building came down. Reportedly, it appeared as if the demolishing contractors imploded the building, although authorities reported that an application for implosion permission was denied. Authorities said all workers were accounted for, but a crew of search dogs was sent to check for any other victims among the rubble on the site.

Victims of work-related injuries can file benefits claims with the Florida workers’ compensation insurance system. Along with medical expenses, the program typically covers a portion of lost wages for workers who are temporarily disabled. If injuries cause permanent disabilities, the victims might be eligible for vocational rehabilitation that will equip them with new skills to enable them to secure jobs in different fields. Navigating benefits claims could be challenging, but the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can simplify the process and secure maximum compensation as applicable under the circumstances.