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3 common broken bones

Broken bones occur due to a variety of brute forces, such as falling or being in a car crash. There are many different types of ways a bone can break, including:

  • Displaced fracture: The bone breaks into multiple parts.
  • Non-displaced fracture: The bone cracks, but remains in alignment.
  • Open fracture: The bone breaks through the skin.
  • Closed fracture: The bone breaks, but there is no puncture in the skin.

With so many different types of bone fractures, it makes sense that some bones are more likely to break than others. Here are some of the most common bones you may break in an accident:

1. Arm

When you are falling or are about to be in a motor vehicle accident, you may extend your arm to brace yourself for impact. The force may severely damage the integrity of the bones in your arm, which may result in swelling, pain and reduced mobility. An arm fracture is also often associated with broken wrists or fingers. A broken arm may seriously limit your ability to perform daily tasks.

2. Collarbone

Your clavicle may break in an accident, especially a road collision. If you impact with the steering wheel, seatbelt or dashboard, your collarbone may suffer the consequences. The collarbone is a fragile bone and susceptible to fractures upon impact. 

3. Leg

Car wrecks and slip, trip and fall accidents may injure your legs. Ankle fractures mostly occur when you twist or roll it or extend it during an impact. Your knee joint may also experience a fracture during any type of accident. Your lower leg, including the fibula and tibia, may get hurt as well. Broken legs may also occur alongside foot and toe fractures.

Due to the force your body experiences during an accident, it is common for your bones to break. Breaking any of your bones may limit your ability to enjoy life or work.

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