Whenever anyone in Florida suffers injuries due to the negligence of another party, there might be grounds to bring a claim to court. The civil justice system allows injured victims to pursue financial relief that will make them whole again. However, before rushing into a personal injury lawsuit, it might be a good idea to find out whether the legal costs will not be more damaging than the injury.

An example is an injury suffered in a nail salon because the technician used tools that were not sterilized. An infection resulted, but medical care cleared it within a week. Although the nail technician failed to comply with the duty of care to the client, there might be only the medical expenses to cover, as no lasting damage was caused. The cost of a lawsuit might far exceed the losses, and under such circumstances, a law firm will seek advance payment of fees rather than handling the case on a contingency basis.

However, even an infection that seems insignificant could lead to serious problems. If there are complications, the injured nail salon client might even lose a finger or part of a finger. In such a case, medical expenses might include the costs of surgical procedures, and the time away from work could cause lost wages. Furthermore, the person might not be able to continue his or her usual occupation without that finger, causing long-term financial consequences, not to mention the emotional impact of the pain and suffering along with permanent scarring.

If significant losses were suffered due to the negligence of others, the injured victim could consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who could assess the details of the incident and determine the viability of a lawsuit. If grounds for a claim exist, and substantial losses stand to be recovered, the lawyer can file a lawsuit in a Florida civil court. With the support and guidance of the attorney, a monetary judgment might be entered to cover documented financial and emotional damages.