While people in most other states prepare for the cold of winter, those in Florida expect buckets of sunshine that will favor outdoor activities. Motorcycle enthusiasts will continue to be present on the roadways, as they don’t have to put their bikes in storage for the winter. However, the risks of personal injury they face will still exist, and safety authorities advise riders to take refresher safety courses even if they are experienced bikers.

Motorcyclists are also advised never to ride without helmets. Although helmets cannot protect the brain from damage as it moves inside the skull due to whiplash motions, they can prevent penetration wounds to the head. Safety authorities also say that the risks of suffering fatal head injuries are 37 percent lower if riders wear approved helmets. Wearing bright or reflective protective clothing is another precaution worth taking.

Heading into the holiday season presents many opportunities to drink alcohol, and responsible bikers will know not to ride while impaired. The freedom offered by motorcycles on the open roads can be exhilarating, and it sometimes takes willpower not to give in to the temptation to speed. However, many lives are lost every year in accidents in which excessive speed played a part.

Many motorcycle crashes occur as a result of the negligence of automobile drivers and not bikers. Victims of such accidents might have grounds for civil lawsuits in pursuit of damage recovery. Due to the lack of protection, motorcyclists typically suffer severe injuries in crashes, and medical expenses along with a loss of income can cause significant financial hardship. However, an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer can assist with the navigation of a civil lawsuit, which might yield monetary compensation for financial and emotional damages.