The hazards of working with explosives are obvious, and employers in this field must ensure compliance with safety regulations to protect employees and the public. Federal and state authorities have designed safe practices for all explosive-related activities. In Florida and other states, workers’ compensation claims are frequently filed after explosions that kill or maim workers.

Safety precautions start at the storage of explosives to ensure they are not exposed to the elements, which can cause degradation and instability that might lead to ignition. Detailed procedures must be followed for the transportation of explosives, regardless of the distance, and only specially trained employees must perform the delivery, use and handling of it. Anyone involved must receive adequate training in the safety procedures related to storage, transport and blasting.

Workers who are exposed to explosives must be fully aware of the dangers they face, and training must prepare them for unanticipated and unusual situations and not only for predictable ones. Complacency could be a problem for employees who have been working around explosive for a long time. For this reason, frequent refresher safety training sessions are crucial to ensure workers remain alert and continuously aware of the potential hazards.

Workers in Florida who have to cope with the consequences of explosions — or the surviving families of workers who did not survive such workplace accidents — can seek financial assistance through the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system. An attorney with experience in this field can assist with the administrative and legal intricacies of the claims process. The program typically provides benefits to cover medical expenses and funeral and burial costs when applicable, along with a financial package to make up for lost wages.