Employees in the transportation industry haul merchandise nationwide to keep store shelves loaded and meet the expectations of consumers. The truckers and other workers who assist with the loading and unloading of goods face several safety hazards. Many workers’ compensation claims in Florida follow injuries suffered by commercial truck drivers and others who work on and around big rigs.

Sadly, most fatal accidents are preventable, and the realization that a bit of extra attention to safety could have saved a life often comes too late. A worker lost his life in a freak accident in Jay on a recent Tuesday morning. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a tractor-trailer and a worker — both from other states — were involved in unloading a load of peanuts.

An accident report indicates that the driver was asked to pull the truck forward after unloading the cargo. He was unaware of the fact that the other worker had noticed something caught in the trailer’s undercarriage and decided to clear the debris. As the semi pulled forward, it ran over the worker underneath the trailer. He was rushed to the hospital by helicopter but succumbed to his injuries later.

Florida families who lose loved ones in workplace accidents might be eligible to file survivor’s benefits claims with the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system. The program typically provides compensation to cover medical expenses for treatment of work injuries prior to death along with funeral and burial expenses. An experienced worker’s compensation attorney can assist with the claims process, and benefits might include a financial package to make up for lost wages.