West Palm Beach police are investigating a driver who allegedly caused a fatal crash on Oct. 20. He is suspected of speeding and driving with a blood alcohol content of almost double the limit allowed in Florida. However, regardless of whether he is criminally charged, he might face two wrongful death and two personal injury civil claims. Reportedly, the accident occurred in the early morning hours of a Saturday when the 24-year-old man allegedly disregarded a red light and crashed into another vehicle.

An accident report indicates that the impact of the crash caused the 35-year-old passenger in the other car to be ejected. She suffered fatal injuries when she landed against the bumper of a third car that was stationary, and she died later after being rushed to a hospital. The 26-year-old passenger in the car with the man who ran the red light died at the crash scene.

Police records also indicate that the 29-year-old driver of the car that was struck in the intersection suffered critical injuries, and although doctors did not expect him to survive, he managed to cling to life and reportedly remains in critical condition in the hospital. A second passenger in the car of the alleged DUI driver suffered injuries not considered life-threatening. However, he was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm.

Injured victims of DUI accidents and the surviving family members of anyone who dies in such a crash may pursue financial relief through the civil justice system of Florida. An experienced wrongful death and personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances and the details of the accident. If there are grounds for civil lawsuits, the lawyer can provide support and guidance throughout ensuing legal procedures in pursuit of the maximum amount of monetary damages.