Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Whether it is an automobile crash, a slip-and-fall accident or any other incident, the financial and emotional consequences are often significant. If another person’s negligence caused personal injury, the civil justice system in Florida allows the victim to pursue financial relief. However, it could take months, or even years before the case goes to court, making the initial documentation of the injuries and the consequential expenses essential.

The purpose of a civil lawsuit is to recover monetary losses, and without documented proof, filing a claim will be an uphill battle. After receiving the necessary initial medical attention, keep notes about the accident and its ongoing consequences. At this time, the injured party’s memory will be fresh, and documenting what happened exactly will be easier then than months or years later.

Keeping records of lost wages is equally important, even if the person was able to return to work. Also note follow-up doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions as it may have been necessary to take time off work to keep the appointments. Also, emotional damages are often substantial. Without noting precisely how the injuries affected one’s everyday life, claiming compensation for emotional pain and suffering and loss of life enjoyment might not be possible.

When the time comes to file a lawsuit, there will likely be mountains of paperwork with records of medical bills, insurance coverage and noneconomic damages. Civil litigation is a complicated legal process, and having an experienced Florida personal injury attorney in his or her corner can be a valuable asset for the plaintiff. Handing the lawyer the documented details and proof of expenses can enable him or her to fight for comprehensive coverage of damages.