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3 ways truck drivers can stay safe on the road

Tractor trailers have become a standard sight on highways and roads around the country. The agricultural industry is big in Florida, and it is an industry that depends on trucks to ship fresh produce and goods from farm to stores.

The trucking industry is one of the most injury-prone professions in the country. Now more than ever, truck drivers need to pay attention to their own health and safety to avoid getting hurt. If you drive trucks for a living, follow some of these tips to stay safe in your big rig.

1. Get enough sleep

Many companies have installed trackers that let them know how long and how far truckers drive. There are maximum time limits truckers should drive before taking a break. If you want to ensure you stay safe on the road, get enough rest. Trying to make a deadline on little rest may have serious consequences.

2. Stay away from electronics

Drivers of all vehicles need to put away smartphones while behind the wheel. However, truck drivers especially need to heed this advice. Due to the weight and size of the truck, a few seconds of inattention may result in a serious accident.

3. Maintain a proper diet

Your body gets run down, and fueling it with a proper diet can help beef it back up. While it may seem impossible to eat healthy on the road, try to think about why you reach for the salty or fatty snacks. Is it to stay awake or get through a particularly difficult stretch of highway? Failing to eat properly, especially with such a sedentary job, increases your chances of a cardiac event behind the wheel. Your muscles and bones will also weaken, upping your chances of sustaining an injury while climbing in and out of the cab.

Staying safe behind the wheel in one of the country's most dangerous professions is possible with the right diet, plenty of sleep and a decrease in distractions. You do not want to cause an accident or become involved in one due to a lack of focus, concentration or healthy habits.

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