One of the worst highway accidents over the holidays happened on Interstate 75 in Florida on Thursday, Dec. 27. The latest reports indicate that a 59-year-old big rig driver allegedly caused a fiery crash that led to his own death and killed six others. If any wrongful death lawsuits follow, this driver’s estate will likely be named as a defendant.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the trucker was northbound on I-75 when he lost control after veering into a car that was heading in the same direction. This collision caused the car and the truck to crash through the center guardrail into the southbound traffic lanes. Both vehicles smashed into another commercial truck and a church van that was heading to Walt Disney World, carrying a group of children.

Spilled fuel caused all four the vehicles to burst into flames almost immediately. Five children and both truck drivers lost their lives, and at least eight others were injured. Authorities reported that the trucker who is deemed to have been at fault had a record of traffic violations in Florida and at least four other states for offenses, including driving a vehicle that is overloaded, operating a vehicle that is unsafe and speeding.

Money can never replace a child who died as the result of another person’s negligence. However, pursuing relief through the Florida civil justice system might ease the unanticipated financial burden. An experienced Florida wrongful death attorney can advocate for grieving parents and provide support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings that follow to obtain recovery of end-of-life expenses and other monetary and emotional damages.