A report about a court case against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. that was heard in a Florida court recently underscores the need for anyone who suffers an injury due to a property owner’s negligence to gather as much evidence as possible. A woman from another state filed a personal injury claim against the establishment, alleging a food cart rolled over her foot at the restaurant while she was a visitor there in 2013. However, it appears the plaintiff failed to recognize the severity of the injury at first and gathered no evidence.

According to court documents, the injury that presented little more than a bruise immediately after the alleged incident developed into CRPS, or complex regional pain syndrome, which left her with chronic pain that had an adverse impact on her quality of life. The defendants claim that the plaintiff failed to take the name of the worker who pushed the cart, which could have weighed over 240 pounds. In addition, they could not find any record of such an incident being reported at that time, which is the standard procedures for such cases.

The legal team of the defendant also asserts that it is tough to get such a trolley to roll over anything, and they question the validity of the claim. The defense further claims that the plaintiff missed several medical appointments, and once she was diagnosed with CRPS, she continued working full time, including frequent business travels, instead of following the advice of the doctor. Although they believe something happened during the plaintiff’s visit to Walt Disney World, they question her version of the incident.

The outcome of the lawsuit is not yet known, but it shows the importance of securing the services of an experienced Florida personal injury as soon as possible after suffering an injury. Legal counsel can ensure that the relevant evidence is gathered at the time of the injury instead of years later. A lawyer can then provide the necessary support and guidance and ensure that a claim is filed within the statute of limitations.