Motorized e-scooters have provided people across the country with easier commutes, including in Florida. Sadly, many safety problems exist, and reports by the Fort Lauderdale Fire rescue indicate that 40 e-scooter-related accidents have been reported, and 31 of those led to personal injury requiring hospitalizations. One incident left the victim in a persistent vegetative state, and her mother has now announced her intention to file a lawsuit against Lime, which was the provider of the scooter that was involved in this accident.

Reportedly, the woman was not wearing a helmet when the Lime scooter on which she was riding was involved in a collision with a vehicle. The impact caused the scooter rider to be thrown a distance of 100 feet. Additional reports indicate that the third fatality involving Lime vs. car accidents claimed the life of an exchange student in another state earlier this month.

In the lawsuit the mother intends to file on behalf of her daughter, she accuses Lime of negligence and failure to comply with an agreement that requires the company to make sure that riders know how to operate the scooters safely and legally. Road rules in Fort Lauderdale prohibit the operation of motorized scooters on city streets and allow their use on the sidewalks. It is claimed that Lime instructs riders to stay off sidewalks, which forces them to share the busy roads with vehicular traffic.

It is unsure what the outcome of this case will be, but other victims of e-scooter accidents might also have grounds for pursuing financial relief. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances to determine the viability of a civil lawsuit. Legal counsel can then provide the necessary support, guidance and advocacy throughout the ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.