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Who pays temp agency employees' worker's compensation?

Your benefits as an agency-hired temp or seasonal worker may not be as robust as part-time or full-time employees. However, you deserve the same access to a safe and healthy workplace as do all other workers in Florida.

The main difference when you are an outside employment agency worker is which company is responsible for carrying worker's compensation insurance to pay for your injuries. In most cases, that responsibility falls to the agency that hires you and leases out your time. However, you may also have other claims that could help further secure your future.

Get the benefits you deserve

As anyone who has gone through the Florida worker's comp system is likely to tell you, it may be difficult to make ends meet with just the payments from this program. Even with disability benefits, which may take a while to secure and has a relatively strict set of qualifying conditions, you could still feel an economic pinch once non-covered medical costs and lost hours at work start to pile up.

Get payment for your injuries

In certain cases, you may have a worker's compensation claim as well as a premises injury claim if you are an outside worker. If you are not on a temporary agency contract, you would probably have less of a decision as to which of these two legal avenues to pursue. You could have an injury case if your company intentionally harmed you, for example, or if your employer did not have adequate insurance. 

Find the help you need

Of course, most injuries take everyone by surprise. The people involved with your incident will probably want to help. It is important that you consider the fact that, even though employers, co-workers or friends may have good intentions, they are not properly qualified to advise you.

Furthermore, no contract exists between you and these people that would hold them accountable for any guidance they provide. Therefore, from insisting on a medical evaluation immediately to getting a specific, dedicated analysis of your case, it is typically in your best interest to insist that everything is official.

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