Construction sites in Florida are dangerous places that pose numerous safety hazards. This was underscored by a recent accident that would likely lead to a workers’ compensation claim. Rescue workers were called to a construction site after receiving a call about an injured worker.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at about midday. They learned that a 45-year-old worker had fallen from scaffolding on the fifth floor. The scaffold on which he was working was approximately six feet high. Rescue workers determined that the man suffered injuries to his pelvis.

Bringing the injured employee to ground level proved to be quite a challenge because the building lacked an operating elevator. Firefighters placed the worker on the platform of an extended fire truck ladder and lowered him to street level. He was rushed to an area hospital from where it was reported that the injury was not life-threatening. The circumstances that led to the fall are not known.

This worker will likely spend some time recovering, and mounting medical bills and lost wages might cause concern. Fortunately, the Florida workers’ compensation program is there to assist injured workers. The sooner benefits claims are filed, the sooner the medical bills will be paid. An attorney who has experience in dealing with the state-regulated insurance program can help with the claims process, and if the injuries caused lost workdays, the compensation would include a portion of the lost wages. While medical costs are usually settled immediately, wage replacement will be paid after a specific number of days of absence.