As the weather turns warmer, parents in Florida might plan visits to water parks. At the same time, water parks will be preparing facilities for the summer visitors who will soon turn up in their masses. Many visitors do not realize how dangerous wave pools, waterslides and wet walkways can be, especially when some adult patrons may be consuming alcohol. If such a day trip ends with a child in the hospital, the parents might be unsure about their rights to pursue legal action by filing a personal injury claim.

The biggest issue that typically confuses most people is determining whom to sue. Was the injury caused by the negligence of the water park’s management or staff? Should one sue the owner of the park, the park’s management or both? What if other guests to the facility caused the injuries? Can more than one party be sued at the same time?

Proving negligence will likely also be a challenge. There might also be the matter of a signed liability waiver. Most water parks require visitors to sign waivers to allow them to disclaim liability for any injuries they might suffer. However, not all waivers will hold up in court, and it might be wise to seek legal counsel.

An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can answer the questions and examine the circumstances that led to the injuries. The lawyer can determine whom to name as defendants and assess the validity of any waiver that was signed. Once the viability of a lawsuit is determined, the attorney can work on presenting documented claims for economic and noneconomic damages to the court. Depending on the severity of the injuries, future medical expenses and pain and suffering might form part of a monetary award against the defendants.