Anyone who was injured in a car accident through no fault on his or her part might have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief. The aim of filing a personal injury claim in a Florida civil court is typically to recover economic damages like medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. However, in some cases, psychological and emotional damage cause more harm than physical injuries.

Fortunately, the civil justice system allows accident victims to claim compensation for pain and suffering. Such a claim would cover physical and emotional stress caused by the injury. It could include scars, depression, aches, anxiety, limits on activities and life enjoyment, and possible shortening of life. Also, pain and suffering claims are usually for past, present and future distress caused by the injury.

Before awarding monetary compensation for pain and suffering, the court will consider the victim’s age and the number of years he or she will have to live with the pain. The nature of the injury that caused the suffering will play a role in the decision to award compensation. Another aspect the court will look at is the manner in which the plaintiff’s life is affected by the injury and the certainty of pain and suffering in the future.

An injured accident victim might have questions about how to put a monetary value to pain and suffering claims. Answers are available from an experienced Florida personal injury attorney who can assist with the documentation of claims for adjudication by the court. Judges typically ask jurors to award reasonable monetary compensation for pain and suffering because there are no hard and fast rules. The ultimate award could be based on common sense and personal experience of the jurors, and this is where the skills of the attorney can be invaluable.