The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict standards when it comes to excavations and trenches. Regardless, numerous workers’ compensation benefits claims are filed in Florida each year for trench and excavation-related injuries. In a recent workplace accident, a worker was trapped when the ground next to an excavation collapsed.

According to an Orange County Fire Rescue spokesperson, the incident occurred in the Disney World parking lot outside Animal Kingdom. Reportedly, an employee of a contracting construction company was standing close to an excavation when the ground under him gave way unexpectedly. The worker landed in the 10-foot hole that formed, where his leg became pinned.

The spokesperson says a crew of 15 firefighters rotated in the complicated 90-minute rescue effort. The construction worker, who is in his 50’s, was rushed to a hospital for treatment evaluation. It is not known whether he suffered any injuries; however, the trauma of such an incident could have long-term consequences. No mention was made of the excavation and the level of compliance with state and federal safety regulations that might have prevented the collapse.

Victims of work-related accidents in Florida might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney with experience in dealing with benefits claims of injured workers can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the entire claims process. Typical benefits include medical expenses, including the costs of therapy, along with a percentage of lost wages if the injuries cause temporary disability. When on-the-job injuries cause permanent disabilities, additional benefits might be awarded.