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Social Security Disability Archives

From where does money come for Social Security disability?

Some financial advisers say one in four workers nationwide, including Florida, will be unable to continue working by age 67 -- due to disabilities. Fortunately, the Social Security Disability Insurance system is there to help. The program provides financial relief by replacing some of the lost income of those whose medical conditions prevent them from earning an income.

Does the return to work stop Social Security disability benefits?

Anyone in Florida who suffered a debilitating injury or illness would likely attempt to get back to work and earn a steady income to ease the financial burden. Those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits might not be aware of their options. SSDI has different time frames when it comes to returning to work, starting with the Trial Work Period, which does not affect the person's disability benefits.

Social Security Disability: Does Anxiety Disorder qualify?

Anyone in Florida who is unable to work due to an anxiety disorder might be in need of financial assistance. If he or she is eligible, an application for Social Security Disability benefits might be the way to go. However, it could be challenging to prove that such a disorder caused total disability. The reason for that is the subjective manner in which anxiety disorders are diagnosed. Doctors have to base such diagnoses on behavior and feelings as reported by the patients and not observed by the doctors.

Denied Social Security disability: Appeal or litigate?

When anyone in Florida suffers an illness or injury that is debilitating, returning to work might be impossible. At this time, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits might be the victim's only means of income. However, many claims for benefits are denied at first. Although it is possible to appeal, the process is complicated and a challenge to navigate without help.

Why was your Social Security Disability Insurance claim denied?

When a Florida resident learns that his or her claim for disability benefits was rejected, there may be several questions about the reason for the denial. Many people rely on Social Security Disability Insurance after becoming disabled, and the rejection of an application for benefits may be devastating. While they may think they made errors in their applications, almost every rejection occurs because the information provided did not justify the applicant's claim of disability.

Social Security disability benefits for traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can prevent victims from returning to work. Florida workers whose brain injuries render them disabled may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Workers who contributed to Social Security taxes during their years of employment are eligible for these benefits. However, there are financial and technical rules that must be met for eligibility.

Social Security Disability -- Who is eligible for benefits?

Becoming disabled and losing the ability to provide for a family must be one of the worst situations in which a Florida person can find him or herself. While most people are aware of the availability of Social Security Disability benefits, many are unfamiliar with the requirements to be eligible for this assistance. Different criteria must be met in order to qualify.

What creates Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility?

Employees in Florida are entitled to benefit from the federal government's program that is designed as a protection for workers against the loss of their abilities to earn gainful incomes as the result of complete disability. However, there may be questions about eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. When are people considered as disabled?

What can I do if my SSDI application is denied?

The benefits available through Social Security disability are crucial to the recipients who are disabled and cannot support themselves with a regular income. Even though people are not going to get rich from these benefits, they do go a long way in helping people cover things from housing and groceries to healthcare and transportation.

Am I eligible for social security disability benefits?

If you suffer from a serious illness or injury that prohibits you from working, you may very well have concerns about how you will take care of yourself and your family. Without a reasonable paycheck, you may not be able to afford your medical expenses or basic living needs.

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