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Wrongful Death Archives

Wrongful death: Waterpark owner indicted for murder

The owners of waterparks and other extreme sports facilities in Florida and other states are responsible for the safety of patrons. This applies even when they have signed forms to release liability. Any negligence by such a person might lead to a wrongful death or personal injury claim. In fact, it might even give rise to criminal charges.

Wrongful death claims may follow pedestrian bridge collapse

A bridge spanning about 200 feet to allow pedestrians to move between the Florida International University and Sweetwater on the opposite side of a Miami highway was recently put in place to excited fanfare. Unfortunately, the structure collapsed onto the busy roadway below a mere five days later. The bridge was scheduled to go into use next year. Many people were injured and at least four died when the massive concrete slabs and steel crashed onto the cars below. In the aftermath, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits will likely follow.

Criminal conviction not necessary for wrongful death lawsuit

When a family in Florida loses a loved one in circumstances that involve the negligence of another party, the close relatives may have questions about pursuing claims for financial relief. This can be done by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court. Such a claim can be filed regardless of the outcome of a criminal case that might have followed the incident.

Wrongful death claim may follow Navy vet's fatal crash

A Navy vet who served from 2003 through 2007 lost his life in a tragic accident in Florida on a recent Sunday evening. His wife said she was puzzled about the fact that he appeared to have died on impact while she suffered no more than a few bruises. This crash followed the failure of another driver to yield, and a wrongful death claim may follow.

Wrongful death claim may follow fatal boating accident

Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is as unlawful as driving a car while impaired. A 34-year-old Florida man has to face the consequences of alleged drunk boating after an accident that killed another boat operator in Sept. 2015. He was arrested on manslaughter charges on a recent Wednesday afternoon, and he might also have to face a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

Which typical incidents lead to wrongful death lawsuits?

Florida residents who have lost loved ones as the result of another party's negligence -- intentional or unintentional -- may have questions about pursuing recovery of financial and emotional damages. Many circumstances offer grounds for filing wrongful death lawsuits, and some are more common than others. Fatal car accidents and commercial vehicle crashes often lead to such lawsuits, and often, other drivers, companies, auto manufacturers and other entities named as defendants.

The ins and outs of filing a wrongful death lawsuit

When a Florida family loses a loved one due to another person's reckless, negligent or deliberate actions, the surviving members of the family may have grounds for filing a civil lawsuit against the person deemed responsible. The civil action of filing a wrongful death lawsuit enables them to pursue financial relief. When such a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiffs must establish negligence before the civil court can determine the monetary value of the damages to be awarded to the family members.

Wrongful death claims may follow Irma's impact on nursing home

Hurricane Irma caused devastation across Florida earlier this month. One hard-hit area which is now in cleanup mode is Broward County. Devastation was reported from a rehabilitation center where the death toll rose to 10 on Sept. 21. Although a criminal investigation is underway, it was reported that the previous nine deaths resulted from overheating due to the lack of air conditioning after power failures. Wrongful death lawsuit may follow.

Wrongful death claim may follow 26-car pileup in Florida

Southbound motorists on Interstate 95 in Florida experienced delays and were rerouted after a multi-vehicle crash on a recent Sunday night. According to the Highway Patrol, the accident involved 26 vehicles and occurred shortly before 10:45 p.m. The pileup claimed the life of one and injured 13 other people. This tragedy may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit as well as a number of personal injury claims.

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