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Wrongful Death Archives

The ins and outs of filing a wrongful death lawsuit

When a Florida family loses a loved one due to another person's reckless, negligent or deliberate actions, the surviving members of the family may have grounds for filing a civil lawsuit against the person deemed responsible. The civil action of filing a wrongful death lawsuit enables them to pursue financial relief. When such a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiffs must establish negligence before the civil court can determine the monetary value of the damages to be awarded to the family members.

Wrongful death claims may follow Irma's impact on nursing home

Hurricane Irma caused devastation across Florida earlier this month. One hard-hit area which is now in cleanup mode is Broward County. Devastation was reported from a rehabilitation center where the death toll rose to 10 on Sept. 21. Although a criminal investigation is underway, it was reported that the previous nine deaths resulted from overheating due to the lack of air conditioning after power failures. Wrongful death lawsuit may follow.

Wrongful death claim may follow 26-car pileup in Florida

Southbound motorists on Interstate 95 in Florida experienced delays and were rerouted after a multi-vehicle crash on a recent Sunday night. According to the Highway Patrol, the accident involved 26 vehicles and occurred shortly before 10:45 p.m. The pileup claimed the life of one and injured 13 other people. This tragedy may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit as well as a number of personal injury claims.

Tennis star's phone records sought in wrongful death lawsuit

Tennis star Venus Williams may have to address allegations that she was distracted by her mobile phone when she was involved in a Florida car accident. The family of the man who died after the collision has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. An out of court agreement was reached for the mobile phone records to be handed over to the legal counsel for the plaintiff.

Wrongful death claim may follow death of 3 on Florida Expressway

Three people, one of which was a child, recently lost their lives in a devastating crash across both sides of the Selmon Expressway. The driver who is accused of causing the crash left the accident scene, and she is now facing DUI manslaughter charges, among others. Furthermore, the surviving loved ones of the deceased family may also file wrongful death claims against that driver in a Florida civil court.

Biker's death may spawn wrongful death claim against bus driver

Motorcyclists will always be at a higher risk of suffering catastrophic injuries when they are involved in crashes with motor vehicles. While drivers in enclosed vehicles have the structure of the bodies, safety belts and airbags to protect them, bikers have only helmets and some have protective clothing -- often not enough to save lives in a serious crash. A recent motorcycle vs. bus accident in Florida might lead to a wrongful death claim.

Survivors may pursue wrongful death litigation after fatal crash

When someone dies in a car accident on one of Florida's many roads or highways, it is a tragic loss for the surviving family members. The loss, however, seems magnified when the accident could have been avoided. In some circumstances, the negligent action of one driver may have led to the death of another. When this type of loss occurs, families may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A recent accident involving potentially negligent behavior claimed the life of a driver and critically injured another.

Family of accident victim may choose to file wrongful death claim

A trial is underway for a Florida man accused of killing a man in a car accident in 2015. The man also faces charges of driving drunk at the time of the crash. While the criminal trial is still in progress, the family members of the victim may be pondering -- or have already filed -- a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver believed responsible for the accident.

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