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Posts tagged "Personal Injury"

Serious personal injury can follow motorcycle accidents

While people in most other states prepare for the cold of winter, those in Florida expect buckets of sunshine that will favor outdoor activities. Motorcycle enthusiasts will continue to be present on the roadways, as they don't have to put their bikes in storage for the winter. However, the risks of personal injury they face will still exist, and safety authorities advise riders to take refresher safety courses even if they are experienced bikers.

Personal injury: When is a civil lawsuit viable?

Whenever anyone in Florida suffers injuries due to the negligence of another party, there might be grounds to bring a claim to court. The civil justice system allows injured victims to pursue financial relief that will make them whole again. However, before rushing into a personal injury lawsuit, it might be a good idea to find out whether the legal costs will not be more damaging than the injury.

Personal injury claim might follow crane landing on car

A hazmat team was called to clean up oil and fuel spilled at a crash scene in Fort Walton Beach in the Florida panhandle. This followed an accident in which a teenage driver suffered serious injuries after the alleged negligence of a 20-year-old driver of a commercial vehicle. This type of incident could result in a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.

Negligent boat operators could face personal injury lawsuits

There is no shortage of ideal areas for boaters to have fun on Florida waters. Sadly, many personal injury and wrongful death claims involving negligent boat operators are handled by the civil justice system of the state every year. Just like drivers on land, boaters have to comply with rules and regulations, and responsible boaters take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their passengers safe without being a threat to others on the water.

Personal injury suit can follow against deceased driver's estate

The slightest distraction or lapse of attention while driving on the busy Florida highways can lead to tragic accidents in the blink of an eye. This was underscored by a recent three-vehicle crash that claimed one life and caused personal injury to two others. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident occurred in Pasco County on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

Can a lifeguard be sued for personal injury or wrongful death?

While Florida beaches are packed with people who enjoy the sun, lifeguards are responsible for preventing drownings. As with others whose jobs require them to be specially trained to save lives and treat injuries, lifeguards are held to a high standard of care. When a lifeguard causes personal injury or fails to prevent an injury, the victim might have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Age-related factors that could lead to personal injury claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 36 million senior citizens are licensed to drive, many of them in Florida. There is no getting away from the fact that certain aspects of aging make driving a personal injury threat. Recognizing that it is time to give up driving is never easy because no one wants to become dependent on others to drive them where they need to be.

Personal injury: Children overcome by illness at summer camp

When parents in Florida send their children to summer camp, they expect excellent care that will protect their health and safety. The owners and staff of such a facility are responsible for the protection of every child from the moment he or she arrives. If any negligence by the staff seriously injures a child, the parents might choose to pursue a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claim might follow roller coaster derailment

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports that it has launched an investigation of the recent incident in which a roller coaster derailed in Daytona Beach. Such events often give rise to personal injury claims against the owners of amusement parks. In this case, authorities reported that 10 people received medical treatment at a hospital.

What is Florida's personal injury statute of limitations?

Injuries suffered in auto accidents or on dangerous premises are not always evident immediately after the incident. In fact, a victim may think any neck pain or stiffness will quickly resolve itself, but an injury caused by whiplash could result in years of chronic pain. The question will be whether he or she can file a personal injury lawsuit in a Florida civil court if pain and suffering become a long-term consequence.

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