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Personal injury: Teenage joyride in stolen car kills 2, injures 5

Teenage mischief turned into a horrific tragedy in Florida on a recent Thursday. Several personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits might result from this early morning crash that happened in a stolen vehicle. Authorities say a boy and six girls were on a joyride when the driver lost control and rolled the car, leaving two dead and five injured.

Reportedly, the accident happened in Pompano Beach at approximately 3 a.m. in a stolen sedan. Authorities allege a 14-year-old boy was the driver of the car that rolled after striking a tree and a pole before flipping onto its roof on railroad tracks. They say the driver and his six passengers had to be extricated by rescue workers because they were trapped inside the wreck.

Should you file a personal injury claim after a moped crash?

Florida cities are typically filled with locals and tourists from all over the world, many of whom may not be familiar with traffic rules in Florida, and unfamiliar surroundings often cause distractions. Drivers of mopeds and scooters are as vulnerable as motorcycle riders and bicyclists. When they are involved in crashes, the circumstances that caused it typically put them in a motorist's blind spot, or even worse, a truck driver's blind spot. Many personal injury lawsuits follow such accidents.

Injured victims may be unsure of their rights and what steps to take to pursue financial relief. One possible source of compensation is the rider's own insurer. If that is not an option, he or she might claim from the insurance provider of the driver who caused the accident. However, insurance payouts do not always cover all losses, such as lost income and future medical expenses, if applicable.

Workers' compensation can provide financial relief after injury

The recent penalties issued to a utility contractor in Florida underscores the many ways in which employers expose their workers to life-threatening hazards. Too many workers suffer catastrophic injuries or even lose their lives due to business owners' noncompliance with federal safety regulations. While the fact that workers' compensation benefits are available may provide some comfort, it could never replace a lost limb or loved one.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed a fine of over $270,000 for one willful and one serious violation after concluding an investigation. The incident involved a collapsed trench that caused injuries to one worker. OSHA inspectors say they found workers in trenches with no cave-in protection. Furthermore, water had collected in the bottom of the excavation while work was underway.

Wrongful death: Waterpark owner indicted for murder

The owners of waterparks and other extreme sports facilities in Florida and other states are responsible for the safety of patrons. This applies even when they have signed forms to release liability. Any negligence by such a person might lead to a wrongful death or personal injury claim. In fact, it might even give rise to criminal charges.

A waterpark owner in another state was arrested in connection with the 2016 death of a 10-year-old who was decapitated while riding a raft that became airborne. Whistleblowers have since come forward to reveal that this was not an isolated incident. The indictment states that the owner of the waterpark controlled the design and structure of the waterpark even though he had no engineering credentials or even a technical background.

Workers' compensation: Will it cover deceased circus performer?

When a life is lost in a Florida workplace, the surviving family members are typically entitled to seek financial relief. This is done by filing a workers' compensation death benefits claim. However, in some cases, such claims can be extremely complicated, especially if the deceased worker was employed by an entity from another state -- or even another country.

One such case may follow the death of a circus performer. Reportedly, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into this fatality that occurred at a recent Cirque du Soleil performance. Police say an aerial artist who had been in the employ of the entertainment company for longer than 15 years fell a distance of 15 to 20 feet to the hard surface below.

Who is at fault for your slip-and-fall injury at a local deli?

Business owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors. However, a company that rents space from that business owner must abide by similar standards.

If your knee injury is the result of a slip-and-fall at the neighborhood deli, who is at fault?

Wrongful death claims may follow pedestrian bridge collapse

A bridge spanning about 200 feet to allow pedestrians to move between the Florida International University and Sweetwater on the opposite side of a Miami highway was recently put in place to excited fanfare. Unfortunately, the structure collapsed onto the busy roadway below a mere five days later. The bridge was scheduled to go into use next year. Many people were injured and at least four died when the massive concrete slabs and steel crashed onto the cars below. In the aftermath, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits will likely follow.

Search-and-rescue crews and K9 units scrutinized the chaotic scene in search of injured victims. Reportedly, the bodies of four deceased victims were recovered, and a hospital said it admitted 10 injured individuals. The conditions of two of those were critical. A director of the hospital said one person suffered serious head trauma and a second person had suffered cardiac arrest, although this person has since been stabilized.

No license, failure to yield said to cause personal injury to 2

With all the vehicles traveling on Florida roads, it is not surprising that so many collisions occur. Many of them result from negligent driving, often leaving innocent passengers and/or others suffering severe personal injury. This was the case in a recent auto accident in Jefferson County.

An accident report prepared by the Florida Highway Patrol indicate that a collision occurred on US-19 shortly before 9 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. They say a seriously injured 78-year-old driver of a sedan was rushed to a hospital in Tallahassee. Reportedly, that driver was eastbound on the roadway when another vehicle turned from the highway onto a county road. This driver allegedly failed to yield and turned directly into the path of the sedan.

Personal injury: Steps to take after a dog attack

Being bitten by a dog will naturally be a traumatizing experience for anyone in Florida, and knowing what to do under such circumstances is essential. A victim might not readily realize the severity of the bite, and the subsequent medical expenses and other losses could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. The success of such a claim may depend mainly on the information and evidence gathered immediately after the incident.

Getting the name and contact details of any witnesses and the dog owner is essential, along with information about rabies vaccinations. Dog bites can quickly become infected, and prompt preventative medical treatment is vital. Reporting dog bites with animal control can prevent similar incidents. Recording as many details as possible about the circumstances surrounding the attack may be helpful in a lawsuit, considering that it may only get to court after the passing of many months.

Drivers are susceptible to three kinds of distraction

The gorgeous Florida weather and delightful scenery in and around Fort Walton Beach could certainly be enough to take a driver's mind off the road, but these are not the only distractions.

Distraction comes in three forms, which, although dangerous by themselves, could bring the danger up even more when combined.

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