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Does the return to work stop Social Security disability benefits?

Anyone in Florida who suffered a debilitating injury or illness would likely attempt to get back to work and earn a steady income to ease the financial burden. Those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits might not be aware of their options. SSDI has different time frames when it comes to returning to work, starting with the Trial Work Period, which does not affect the person's disability benefits.

This period stretches over 60 months during which time the person must work for nine months -- not necessarily consecutive months. There is no limit on the income level during that period. If the person can continue work activities, he or she will enter into the Extended Period of Eligibility time frame that will last for another three consecutive months after completion of the Trial Work Period.

Wrongful death: Tragedy on I-75 kills 5 children in Florida

One of the worst highway accidents over the holidays happened on Interstate 75 in Florida on Thursday, Dec. 27. The latest reports indicate that a 59-year-old big rig driver allegedly caused a fiery crash that led to his own death and killed six others. If any wrongful death lawsuits follow, this driver's estate will likely be named as a defendant.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the trucker was northbound on I-75 when he lost control after veering into a car that was heading in the same direction. This collision caused the car and the truck to crash through the center guardrail into the southbound traffic lanes. Both vehicles smashed into another commercial truck and a church van that was heading to Walt Disney World, carrying a group of children.

Wrongful death claim might follow fatal cross-over crash

Losing a loved one during the holidays will likely always mar the celebrations in years to come. Sadly, many innocent lives are lost on the Florida highways at this time of the year. This is likely evident in the number of wrongful death lawsuits that are filed at the beginning of each year.

A cross-over crash led to such a tragedy on a recent Thursday morning. According to an accident report prepared by the Florida Highway Patrol, several emergency services responded after receiving an alert about a collision at approximately 7 a.m. The report indicates that a northbound pickup truck crossed into the southbound lanes of a Tallahassee road, making it impossible for the driver of another pickup truck to avoid a collision.

Documenting all aspects of a personal injury often crucial

Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Whether it is an automobile crash, a slip-and-fall accident or any other incident, the financial and emotional consequences are often significant. If another person's negligence caused personal injury, the civil justice system in Florida allows the victim to pursue financial relief. However, it could take months, or even years before the case goes to court, making the initial documentation of the injuries and the consequential expenses essential.

The purpose of a civil lawsuit is to recover monetary losses, and without documented proof, filing a claim will be an uphill battle. After receiving the necessary initial medical attention, keep notes about the accident and its ongoing consequences. At this time, the injured party's memory will be fresh, and documenting what happened exactly will be easier then than months or years later.

Why you should seek medical treatment after an accident

Being a member of the U.S. military is the honor of your life. While driving around Fort Walton Beach is significantly different from the war zones you may have experienced, you could find yourself in the middle of an automobile accident. Even though your military service taught you to be tough, avoiding medical treatment after a vehicle collision could be a big mistake. 

Motor vehicle accidents in Florida are not exactly rare. In fact, there were more than 400,000 automobile accidents in the Sunshine State in 2017 alone. That number represents a 1.6 percent increase over the year before. If you have an accident on Florida’s roadways, you may not want to visit a hospital. Failing to seek medical treatment, however, is generally not a good idea. 

Workers' compensation claim will likely follow crane collapse

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Bradenton Police Department are investigating a fatal construction accident. The inquiry follows a tragic accident that claimed the life of a 47-year-old man who was a member of a construction crew working on a project in Bradenton. The surviving family members will likely claim survivors' benefits from the Florida workers' compensation insurance system.

According to an incident report, the police chief and several officers heard a loud noise from the parking lot of the police station. They rushed to the construction site that was only a short distance away and found the construction worker trapped under a crane that had fallen over. About 50 people helped with the attempt to lift the crane while awaiting the arrival of rescue workers. The accident site was at the water's edge, and the victim fell into the water when the helpers managed to lift the crane.

Personal injury: Car smashes into group of cyclists, kills 2

Bicycle enthusiasts in Florida face significant risks when they share the roadways with automobiles. The lack of protection bicyclists have, compared to those in enclosed vehicles, make riders much more vulnerable to suffer severe personal injury or worse. A tragic accident occurred on Nov. 25, during Thanksgiving weekend, killing two cyclists and injuring others.

Reportedly, a group of cyclists was eastbound on State Road 84 on Sunday morning when a 33-year-old woman drove her car into them. One of the female riders suffered fatal injuries and died within minutes of being struck by the vehicle. Another rider, a 62-year-old man, suffered severe injuries. He was rushed to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

Workers' compensation claim will likely follow arm amputation

Employers in all industries in Florida must protect the health and safety of employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes general safety regulations along with some rules that apply to particular industries. A significant number of workers' compensation benefits claims are filed each year after preventable workplace accidents injure or kill workers.

One such accident caused catastrophic injuries to a construction worker on a recent Thursday morning. Firefighters responded after receiving an emergency call from a construction site in Hillsboro. They arrived at the site to find a 44-year-old worker whose right arm had been amputated by a piece of industrial equipment. It is not clear whether the machine was fitted with the necessary safeguards to prevent contact with moving parts.

A catastrophic vehicle accident near Grayton Beach

Americans across the country look forward to weekends as a time to catch up with family and friends, go out for dinner, see a film or enjoy a couple of carefree days at home before heading back to work and school.

Unfortunately, fatality statistics too often register an uptick in motor vehicle accidents when some weekend revelers overindulge and cross into the red zone.

Serious personal injury can follow motorcycle accidents

While people in most other states prepare for the cold of winter, those in Florida expect buckets of sunshine that will favor outdoor activities. Motorcycle enthusiasts will continue to be present on the roadways, as they don't have to put their bikes in storage for the winter. However, the risks of personal injury they face will still exist, and safety authorities advise riders to take refresher safety courses even if they are experienced bikers.

Motorcyclists are also advised never to ride without helmets. Although helmets cannot protect the brain from damage as it moves inside the skull due to whiplash motions, they can prevent penetration wounds to the head. Safety authorities also say that the risks of suffering fatal head injuries are 37 percent lower if riders wear approved helmets. Wearing bright or reflective protective clothing is another precaution worth taking.

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