Are all on-the-job injuries covered by workers’ compensation in Florida?

No, they are not. The law in Florida is that the injury and the disablement from that injury has to be connected to your employment. Injuries have to arise out of and in the course and scope of your employment. In other words, there has to be some connection between your injury and the accident, and your employment.

A great example is if you suffer from hypertension. You have a stroke and it’s not related to anything you were doing on the job, then no, it would not be covered. Also, for example, if you had a heart attack and you were not doing anything strenuous on the job or even at the job. That’s something that’s congenital or it runs in your family, then no, it would not be covered under workers’ comp.

There are very strict rules under the workers’ comp statute, and many, many things are not covered under that statute for workers’ compensation.

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