What Vehicles Can Be Used On The Road?

Florida has different laws for different types of motorized vehicles. Only motorcycles, mopeds and certain types of scooters can be driven on the road, while motorized bikes and other types of scooters cannot.

Major defining characteristics of a moped include pedals, a seat, two to three wheels and an inability to travel above 30 mph.

Characteristics of a motorized bike, which cannot be driven on streets, include tandem wheels, a combination of self-supplied and motorized power and an inability to travel above 20 mph.

Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters allowed on the streets are legally treated the same as cars when it comes to accidents. However, your personal injury claim may be a bit more complex than other cases if you do not carry insurance coverage for your moped or scooter.

We Can Assist With The Most Serious Injuries

Like motorcycles, driving mopeds or scooters can be especially dangerous because of their small size. Other drivers might have trouble seeing them on the road, and an accident will likely cause catastrophic injuries because of their smaller size and decreased protection.

Despite the tragic situation you are in, we will protect your rights. Our attorney, Cameron D. Simpson, is well-versed in Florida’s vehicle laws and the options you have in a motor vehicle accident.

We settle for nothing less than complete success. Insurance companies will try to offer settlements lower than you deserve. We will fight for the maximum compensation you should receive.

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